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Okaaaay, now. Status update on my WIP’s:

-Booga Bag for the Andrea Knits KAL on Ravelry: about 15% done.

-Entrelac Hat for the Obscuriosity KAL (also a Rav thing): maybe 5%? I haven’t gotten far past the base triangles (which is sad because one of my New Year’s resolutions is to give entrelac a good go).

-Maude Louise cardi (from the last Obscuriosity KAL): I’m going to say 80%, because I have just one more sleeve to go and then the button bands. Plus making up, which I’m not looking forward to, although knitting this sweater has been pure joy.

-Baby blanket for Ginger’s wee one: 5% .

-Baby blanket for my (future) wee one: 33% (an odd number to pick, you may think, but I have three balls of Baby Clouds for this project and just finished one today).

-Baby socks: 25%.

-Sock yarn blanket: Hard to say. I’m nearly done the base stripe for this monster, and with any luck, will be building more blocks onto it by the end of the month.

And yeah, I know…lots of WIP’s…but luckily I have a night shift tonight, and nobody will care if I don’t pay attention and just knit all night.


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Wow. The things I decide to do at 7:30 in the morning…

Anyway. I am Andrea (aka Ana) and this is my blog.

I plan to use this primarily for my knitting adventures, but might sneak in a movie review once in a while. Or not. It depends. I guess we’ll have to see where these blogging adventures take me!

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