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Back in September, I decided that I was going to NOT BUY ANY MORE WOOL. And for a while, it worked. I made a long list of my current stash, and was checking off each one as I went along, vowing to not buy any more yarn until a year was finished.

Then, my darling husband decided in January that I had been very good about not buying any yarn, and brought me on a surprise trip to Michael’s, where I immediately purchased a crapload of Patons Classic Merino. Within a week, I also went on The Loopy Ewe’s website and got a new order. Things spun out of control after that – two very large Michaels purchases and even two trips to WAL-MART, of all places (it was to get cotton for making dishcloths!). And the kicker – a VERY large order to Wool-Tyme.

It’s official – I need to stop spending money on wool! Particularly since the financial situation is kind of dire at the moment. Still, every time I go into town, I wonder what new fiber-related stuff could potentially be waiting for me at the LYS…

Oh, and I want to make it clear that the husband was never against my yarn purchases, seeing as he has an obsession with obtaining tons of new AirSoft equipment and that takes up some of his paycheck, too.


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Right, so I seem to have a severe case of start-but-not-finish-itis. Currently, my WIPs sit at 9 (when you include the dishcloth I started working on the other day) and I just can’t seem to get enough momentum to finish any of them, though I start out at breakneck speed.

Case in point: the Trellis baby sweater for Ginger’s wee one. I had so much steam going into it – in fact I finished the first sleeve in record time. Now it just sits there on the ottoman, mocking me: “Ha ha, you have A.D.D.!”

I can forgive the blankets – after all, the Sock Yarn blanket really depends on my ability to finish socks and then have remnants left over to make some nice mitred squares. I can also forgive the fluffy mass that is my future bebe’s blanket, because I only ever work on it during “Lost” and it is made of Red Heart Baby Clouds on size 15 circs. (And let’s face it, there’s no bebe in my immediate future, so I’ve got some time.)

The WIPs I can’t forgive are Dani’s Fawkes gauntlets, because I have been working on them for over a year and they have yet to be completed. I should also be flogged for my yarn choice for making Dann’s thong – Patons Silk Bamboo, dammit – though I must admit it is nice and soft, and probably will make rather nice lingerie if I could just get it to stop slipping off my needles!

But I could never, never, never hate my Selbuvotters, or my Maude Louise sweater. The Selbus might take a little while because I have more important things to do, but they forgive me for being on speed (figuratively) because they know they are as greedy for time as I am. As for Maude Louise, she’s been in progress since late November and she knows she’s nearly ready to be worn. I’ve sewn all her pieces together, and now I just have to figure out how Jejune did all that gorgeous picot edging in her second draft. I also need new buttons, maybe some nice wooden ones. Why is it that I can never remember to buy buttons?!

It’s a toss-up on whether or not I want to hate my Lucy version 2.0. I was knitting it back in September on the way to Toronto for a Jays game, and since I was trying my damndest to make it completely seamless (having never made anything seamless before), I was getting frustrated and gave it up in disgust. Now I think that next time I make it, it won’t be bottom-up, and maybe I’ll like the lace pattern when it’s upside-down. Plus I like the whole top-down construction of baby sweaters since I’ve been working on the February Baby Sweater – for which, by the way, I made a really terrible needle choice and am now suffering the consequences.

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The Loopy Ewe

And now…

Please care. Please click.

Fibery yarn goodness awaits! 🙂

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