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Not a bad day, if I must say so myself.

Husbeast and I slept in, spent some time lazing around, then took our sweet bebe girl out for her walk. Kali was surprisingly well-behaved, for which she was rewarded by a nice visit to the ball park, where we let her run and chase her tennis balls. However, we have to keep her on the 30-foot leash to prevent her from making a break for it.

After our walk, we cleaned up the apartment, as my dad is coming over later to aid us in our house-hunting endeavors. Holy hell, there’s literally half a pound of sand in the garbage bag right now. Hubby also took out the recycling for me (yay!), and now I’m about to start dinner. I really ought to be finishing my chemistry unit, but oh well.

Hmm, must add something knitting-related (after all, this IS a knitting blog primarily). Right – I started this cute little cotton top-down baby sweater using leftovers from making dishcloths (mostly Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, in varying electric hues). I also have a bit of Cotton Tots left over, which is behaving VERY BADLY. I have had to frog it a couple of times, and it isn’t liking it, which it has demonstrated by pilling all over me and sending the resulting fluff up my nose. NOT COOL. But the stripes are super-cute, at least.

Other knitting news – I got the Koigu late last week, and now have to figure out what to do with it. I’m not really a sock knitter, but I do love making baby things. So, I’ll have to see what I can do with 6 skeins of Koigu. Another baby sweater, perhaps? Or a plethora of hats and booties? Or maybe some longies! Who knows!


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Why is it that nobody wants to help anyone out anymore?

Last week, I had the displeasure of meeting several people in various service sectors who were either blatantly rude or completely unhelpful, or both. Let’s start with the rigamarole that I went through at the local university in trying to register for a single distance education course, which I needed to get final confirmation on my acceptance to a different post-secondary institution. I was first sent to the Fees office, where they told me I was being charged full spring tuition fees (some $2400 and change) because I was still in the system as taking full-time studies – which I certainly am not. I was then sent to the Registrar to confirm this, then to Admissions to change my major to general arts (I still don’t understand why), then to the Registrar again. The latter gave me an office number to call, for a woman who could apparently help me out. I called this woman, who had no earthly idea what I was talking about, and refused to help me. I marched back to the Registrar, and demanded that something be done immediately – after all, why was I being told I had to change into another major, at an institution I won’t be attending in September, just to pay the proper amount of money for a single course that’s required for the institution I actually need to get into?! Finally, I was asked to sign a small form that would allow the necessary changes. Satisfied for the moment, I went up one floor to the bookstore, found the required text…and was told that the rest of the course materials for the course I wanted to take presumably did not exist. WHAT THE HELL.

One can easily see why my next reaction was to immediately drop the textbook and march out of there with my nose in the air. Pissed off is not even CLOSE to an accurate description of how I felt then.

Let’s turn now to my horrific experience dealing with Greyhound bus drivers, and the whole lot of the workers at the terminals. I realize it is out of my control that the bus I was taking to Toronto was delayed an hour, and I count myself lucky that I was able to take a different bus – albeit a local rather than an express – that would presumably arrive at a reasonable time to allow me to take a connecting bus to Windsor. Unfortunately, the local bus rolled into the Toronto station at 7:30 PM, approximately one hour after the bus leaving for Windsor rolled away. Back in Sudbury, the clerk had called ahead and told them to hold it for 15 minutes while my bus arrived – no wonder they were already gone. I went to the ticket booth and asked if there was another bus, and was stunned to find out that the next one wouldn’t leave until 1:00 AM. Faced with spending the next 6 hours in a smelly, overcrowded station for the next bus to Windsor, and getting as close as I could and getting picked up there, I chose the latter. The supercilious ticket attendant told me I could get on any bus using my Windsor ticket and be accepted, so imagine my surprise when I tried to get on the 8:30 PM bus headed to London and was denied entry. The driver asked, “Don’t you know that you can’t get to Windsor using this ticket?” as though I were completely stupid. I informed him that I had spent the last 7 hours on a bus from Sudbury, that I was tired and my arse was sore, and I still had at least 4-5 hours left to go, and that I was told I could use my ticket for Windsor to go to London, which was as close as I could get. I also informed him that there was no way in hell I was waiting in Toronto for five more hours, and I was getting on the London bus no matter what he said. “But are you SURE you want to go to London?” he asks. “YES,” I almost screamed at him. “OK, get on then,” he said, and eyed me suspiciously as I took my seat.

Thank all that is holy, I didn’t hit any snags like this on the way home.

My absolute favorites were the telemarketer who just couldn’t take no for an answer when trying to sell me a data plan for my cell, and the snotty waiter at the Red Lobster who criticized the amount of food I ordered. *sigh*

And people wonder why everyone is so rude to service industry workers?!

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