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Why a starfish, you ask?

Well, I was at a baby shower on Saturday. I had never met the mommy-to-be (Krysta) except for on Facebook, although I technically linked to her through both my friend Kristina (who had a baby with Krysta’s husband Ross long before they were married) and the lady who hooks up the TV’s at the hospital (Kathy), who is the mommy-to-be’s mommy. At this shower, I finally got to meet Krysta, and gifted her with a pretty little cot blanket I had made for the occasion. She was thrilled with it, I am happy to report. 🙂

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon at work. Kathy comes in to pick up her pager when I’m on my shift, and so I get to chat with her before she goes to hook up the tellies. Yesterday she asked me, with a glint of (?)evil in her eye: “So, do you want a present?” Oooooh, the intrigue! “Presents! For me?” I said, all innocently.

That was when she picked up a giant garbage bag and said, “This is all full of yarn – for you!”

I very nearly tore it open so I could dump it on the floor and do the starfish! However – hospital floors are gross. I’m not going to do that.

This bag is full to the brim with neutral and baby colors – all acrylic, but it’s the Zellers Bebe Sayelle stuff that I used to LOVE working with before you couldn’t get it anywhere in this town. Apparently, Krysta would like me to make her some baby legwarmers…dude, I could make her kid legwarmers to last her until she’s collecting a pension! Or at least, make some blankets for the babies in my family…for the next ten years, mind you. I had to laugh because one of Kathy’s sisters asked, “Do you think she’ll use all of it?” to which Kathy replied, “She’s at the age where everyone she knows is having babies. Of course she’s going to use it!” Hee hee hee. ^-^

As I am now currently on my Reading Week, I’m hoping to get a lot of knitting done. I have one of Daniella’s mittens and one of Alex’s socks done already. The second mitten is started, but since I finished the first of the socks late last night, I wasn’t going to cast on for the second one just then. Maybe at SnB tonight…

Oh hey, have I blogged about the Stitch ‘n Bitch I go to? We meet at the Laughing Buddha on Elgin Street, 7:15 PM on Monday nights. (Why 7:15? I have MMA until 7:00 and it takes me a while to get over there, although the travel time is markedly less since we switched the locale from Starbucks on the Kingsway to the Buddha.) Elizabeth and Amelie are great to hang around with, and I wish Hedgie would come back – some nights it’s just me and Elizabeth, and I haven’t missed a knit night yet.


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The Dark Side

Ahahahaha…oh, my mom is so cute. This is a conversation we had on the phone last night:

Mom: So I forgot to tell you, I went over to the *Dark Side* today. (said in a half-menacing tone)

Me: Uh…what did you do?

Mom: …

Me: OH! I get it. You went to the yarn shop on Barry Downe, didn’t you?


(Just so y’all know, the Shop-that-must-not-be-named is renowned for its terrible customer service. It is, however, the only place for miles around that sells Briggs & Little “Tuffy”, a worsted weight yarn that mom and I are both highly particular for.)

This is just a quick jump into the blog-o-sphere to let everyone know I’m still alive, and that I am trying to be diligent on my knitting while going to school, MMA and work. It helps that we have a Stitch n Bitch group now in Sudbury, which formerly met at the Starbucks, but now we go to the Laughing Buddha on Mondays. 🙂

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