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…of my stash, that is.

I’m trying reeeeeeaaaaaally hard. Truly. I set up a list of what I’ve destashed so far, but for the most part these are remnants.

I wanna get to the REAL meat. The juicy core of my stash.

I am talking, of course, about my bin full of sock yarns.

It sits there in my office, mocking me. I went through it a few months ago and pulled out what I hoped would become socks for the entire family for Xmas. Alas, I have been foiled. First of all, my knitted goodies usually come as a surprise to the family at large, so poking around and asking for shoe sizes hardly seems appropriate for surprising people.  And second of all, this just doesn’t seem like a “sock” Xmas. So I’ve started making scarves.

Lots of scarves.

4, in fact.

I think there are more to come.

While it IS rather fun to make some gorgeous Lacy Baktus scarves out of pretty self-striping or highly variegated sock yarn, here lies the rub: I HATE making scarves. Why am I making them in the first place then, you may ask? The first two I made were out of worsted or bulky-weight yarn on size 8’s. Didn’t take long, and they were done in a simple stitch pattern that I could do in my sleep.

Lacy Baktus, on the other hand, does require a bit of concentration. And while I like how the two I am currently making are coming along, I DON’T like how long it takes on small needles with skinny yarn. AAAAAAAAARGH.

So that’s the first bit of my sock yarn dilemna.

The second bit? I also hate making socks!

(No, really. I do.)

(Stop pointing and laughing.)

Then why on earth would you buy so much sock yarn, some may ask? I enjoy making baby clothes out of it, that’s why. But, since I currently don’t have a baby of my own to knit for, and because most mamas-to-be would rather I make them something washable (and NOT wool, because they cry allergies), I’m stuck making acrylic stuff – when time permits, and when there is sufficient demand for tiny things.

I suppose I could always start knitting tiny things for MY future bebes. That is, if there weren’t fifty million OTHER things to knit for Xmas.

So I guess the point of this long-winded post is that I really want to make Xmas presents I am interested in knitting, whilst using up my substantial stash, whilst ALSO doing such stash-busting QUICKLY.


Anyone have a time-turner handy? 😉


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