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Das Waffle Hat!

The night I posted my first pattern, this blog was being a fail!blog. So, here’s the link to my pattern, Das Waffle Hat:


Indeed, this is a lovely and warm hat that I look forward to wearing this winter – just not yet. I hate the cold. Brrrr.


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Indeed, it’s about time I got on here for some therapeutic blogging. Right now I’m at a point where the school stuff isn’t completely overwhelming, but is starting to bog me down just that teeeeeensy little bit. So here I am.

I am taking 3 classes this semester which include 2 labs and 1 clinical day. So far, so good. I’m on labor & delivery for the first 6 weeks followed by 6 weeks on pediatrics. My obstetrical rounds will likely be ridiculously easy, but I hate to speculate. Really, I just want for everyone to forget that I have an obstetrical background, and a) stop assuming I’m brilliant and/or b) quit labelling me as a “know it all”. I don’t have to apologize for knowing answers to questions when nobody else does. I believe that’s called being “well-educated”. (Even if the education in question was a disastrous mistake, because I sure as hell learned something, didn’t I?)

Now then. I am incredibly frustrated at how the college doesn’t let you register online, resulting in my 2-hour-long wait on registration day, but has decided to change the operating system for all the school computers and put all the course outlines online. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not all that technology-savvy, and I do like that they’re trying to save some trees. But for fuck’s sake, is it too much to ask for a paper copy of something once in a while? I’m one of those people who needs to touch and see a hard copy in order to understand what is being asked of me. I like to make things pretty with a highlighter. Without the course outline in my hand, I feel useless and disorganized. It’s ridiculous.

I am happy, though, to have transfer credits. It means I have more time to study and more time to work. I plan on tutoring if they accept my application, which I have to have my past professors sign before they will consider me. I’m meeting one this afternoon and one on Monday, and I have to wait for the other  one to get back to me before I have a third tutor-able course. Tutoring would be the best possible job for me, because it would allow for a lot more flexibility and the maximum I can do is 15 hrs/week or 30 hours/2 weeks. I could work that around classes, clinical, studying, jiu jitsu, and various other hubby- and puppy-related activities.

Our SnB is going into hibernation…in more of a figurative sense than a literal sense. We’re looking for a new venue for the winter months so we can stay warm, get caffeinated, and knit & kvetch till we drop. 🙂

Speaking of knitting. I suppose it takes a long-winded rant to get to the point of this blog which is, at its core, a knitting blog. Right? 😉 Anyway – in the last few weeks I’ve finished a scarf for Tiff, started a pair of socks for Marc, and designed and completed a hat for me. Huzzah! Elie’s going to be sooooo pleased with me….she’s always saying how I never knit anything for myself. Well, I can’t fault her on that one…I rarely do. However, making something just for me has caused me to put aside some current projects and make a pair of mittens for myself. That, and Remi jumped on Marc’s sock-in-progress and snapped my lovely rosewood DPNs. *cry*

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