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…There’s kids on TV dancing to Thriller. Just being random today, I guess.

I’m so proud of myself for the projects I’ve finished! Since I’m pretty sure Krysta reads my blog, lemme just say, I got a couple of items finished for Miss Alys’s birthday. 🙂 Also did a shawl for Jess and finished a pair of socks for Andre. Sadly, I never did get to dad’s Selbuvotters, but I amazed myself by finishing my long-forgotten Multnomah for myself. It’s being blocked as we speak! Let’s see…I also started a wedding shawl for Stephy, spun up the rest of my Lorna’s Laces combed fibre, started spinning up my Dyeing Arts superwash merino, and started a pair of gloves for Stacey.

…I didn’t get ANY homework done. I think I read what, 5 chapters of pharmacology? And tonight, I’m starting on my clinical homework. Woot? I think so. If I was feeling ambitious, I might try and work on my Healing paper. But…no. Just no.


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I am so elated to be on Reading Week. After the last two weeks of hell, I’ve effing deserved it, I think!

Spent some time with my mum today out in Whitefish. I brought my bebeh girls with me so that they could run and play with Sonny. Together we knitted and gossiped, and I wound one of her skeins of Briggs for her. (Note to self – a good Xmas gift for mum might be one of the electric ball winders I saw at Michaels!) Worked on Jessica’s “Simple Things” shawlette, which I am going to try and maximize the yarn on with multiple garter lace rows. 🙂

Sooooo…I cast on for a pair of longies yesterday. Krysta mentioned that she’d like some, and Alys’s birthday is coming up…*grin* I’m also trying to figure out which baby pattern Michelle picked for her baby girl will be best to do.

…Blah. I don’t feel like blogging. Sorry guys, I suck today.

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…Granted, it was a magenta color (I had to wear scrubs for school), but purple it was.

I know there has been a lot of coverage in the media about bullied homosexual teens who have taken their own lives. When I think about myself at that age, even though I am heterosexual, I remember how mean and awful people can be when they are scared of those who are different from their perceived norms. The few openly gay teens in my school were often ostracized, as were the people who hung out with them. If only they had taken the time to understand what truly wonderful my friends are. Thankfully, none of them took their lives because of it, but I know that ugly words and deeds can linger.

My life would be less vibrant without the many LGBT people in it. Tai, Raven, Matt, Jasmine, Zach, Melody, Tammy, Susanne, Shana…and many more…I love you all. And I am so happy that despite the troubles you may have gone through, you’ve made it through.

And my heart goes out to those who decided not to stay with us. You will always be in our hearts. ❤

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Micro lab only took about 45 minutes this morning. This means I am free til 12:30. Can I get a hell yeah?!

I became quite the productive knitter this weekend. (Homework? What’s that?) I needed the brain break after the week I had, so Saturday I plunked myself on the couch with 2 balls of Noro Silk Garden (255) and made myself a lovely scarf! There’s some shades of green, yellow, brown, purple and even a shocking red. Very nice. 🙂 Then on Sunday, I cast on for a “Mr. Bassil” baby hat and finished it that same day as well. Mind you, I DID manage to make some review notes for my Healing exam, and I did read over some Microbiology stuff because we had a quiz in lab today. That, and I did 3 loads of laundry and hung 2 on the line (the other load was towels, and it stayed inside because it wasn’t particularly sunny yesterday).

Remember Marc’s cabled socks of DOOM? Well, I have decided to make him something different. At lunch with Oma the other day, he requested a “neckwarmer” to protect him from UV rays when he welds. Oh, and it has to be black. I smell a challenge! I trolled Rav to see if there was anything like what he wanted, and the only thing I found that was close was this pattern in Finnish (or was it Dutch?). Anyway, I think I can do better. Maybe. I bought two balls of black Patons Grace and will be spending time swatching it over the next week. Oh, and I nearly forgot – Michael’s had a “sock set” of DPNs (metal, but whatever) and I plan on using those if my teeny 16″ circs aren’t available.

On the needles now:
-Simple Things for Jess (Yarn Pirate superwash sock, “Cancer” colorway)
-Selbus and socks for Dad
-socks for Ludgie

Can’t wait for my week off! Saturday, I’m going to North Bay to watch Andre/Ludge play v-ball. GO LAKERS!

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This is my attempt to blog reaaaaally quickly whilst trying to finish homework, get to some knitting time, and also prevent the puppy from chewing on things. *le sigh*

Hapy October, everyone! What’s on your needles right now? Currently, I am knitting:

-a pair of socks for my little (giant) brother

-a Very Special Pair of Socks for Eric’s grandmother (they were a pair of socks his mom never finished before she passed away, so I’ve taken over making them)

-a scarf for a special wee miss (one of my brothers’ sweethearts)

-Marc’s socks (still)

-Daddy’s Ugly-Ass SocksTM (still waiting to start sock #2)

-Daddy’s Selbus (which are using the needles for his Ugly-Ass Socks)

It seems like a lot, but I assure you, I can finish most of these things by Reading Week, if not during said blessed holiday from school. Ahhh, whatever shall I do with a week off? Well, homework will undoubtedly have to get done. Also, I will be going to BJJ more frequently that week (I hope), and also spending some much-needed time with my husband and sweet lil puppies. Oh, and sleeping in! Hopefully I can carve out some knitting time in there too! 😉

…If all else fails, I know my Xmas knitting WILL be done by the end of November.

Other things I have to do over the next few weeks:


-pelvic teaching for the Sexual Assault Program nurses

-home visit with my resource family (plus the paper that goes with it)

-studying for midterms

….Eeeeee. Can it be Reading Week yet?

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