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With my approximately 20 minutes left before lab, I shall attempt to convey the ridiculousness of being a student.


Finals are approaching. Next week, in fact. HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP!!! So today, I printed out a 2-inch stack of procedural guides for scenario testing, as well as the review the Pharmacology prof posted this morning. Next Monday is my bell-ringer for Micro, which Cori has been ever so kind as to begin at 9 am instead of 8:30 am. SWEET! I get to sleep in to 7:30! YAYYYY!


Before I get TOO excited, I have to also do my scenario test that day. Which entails of me being sequestered in a room with 20 other freaked out nursing students, and they’ll take 3 of us at a time randomly and then make us do a random skill. EWWWW. I hope I get something like enema administration and oral meds. EASY. (Yes, I just said I hope I have to give a mannequin an enema. Beats the HELL out of having to calculate an IV drip rate!)

I also have a clinical day to make up, so instead of this being my last week on Wednesday, I have to go in NEXT Wednesday too. :S

Thursday next week, Lisa is going to have a review class for Micro, and a quiz as well. Then on Friday next, I have my Healing exam. Monday the 13th is my Micro final, and then the 15th is the Pharmaco exam.

Seems like not so much, right?

Well…I also have to work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, next Tuesday and next Wednesday. Plus attend a Pat Cooligan seminar at SBJJ on the 6th, plus continue attending BJJ classes. Plus find time for Eric (who has 2 extra part time jobs right now) and the puppies. PLUS keep my house in order. (Which I think I care less about as time passes.) PLUS finish Xmas gifts!

Can it be the 16th of December yet?


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Simply the best

My Simple Things is finally done!!! I cast off on Thursday, and haven’t blocked it (yet) but it’s on my to-do list.

Finals are approaching very quickly. I don’t know if I’ll get much knitting time in, but I hope so.

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I called in to a radio show today, which I have tried to do often but never actually made it onto the air. Usually I think, “Maybe I’ll call,” but usually I’m driving when I listen to the radio, so that’s just not safe! Well, a single call at a stop light isn’t horrible, but if you get a busy signal and are REALLY determined, it’s not safe to be constantly redialing!

So today, I tried to answer the “Hot Brain Freeze” on the Hot 93.5 station, which was: 10,000 people will do ______ this Xmas. I thought it was “break up” but apparently not! So now I am intrigued! 😉

Still, it was fun. This week’s prize is Lotto 649 tickets, so I REALLY wanted to win! Maybe tomorrow I will try again…or since I will be up early enough, maybe I’ll try to get on Battle of the Sexes on Q92. My dad was on once, I think…wait, no, it was one of his co-workers. The loser has to sing either “Macho Man” or “Wonder Woman,” and I believe said co-worker modified the latter to say, “Wonder Woman, all the dishes are waiting for you…….”

HP 7 part 1 came out this weekend! If you haven’t seen it, DON’T CONTINUE READING! You have been warned! I’m going to review it, because I used to do this on my other blog, and I can’t just NOT review an HP film!




OK, here we go.

Opening sequence – sooooo happy with it. Scrimgeour’s ugly mug wasn’t so fun, but I enjoyed the scene of Hermione erasing herself from her parents’ memories. This was something I felt was missing from the book. Yes, we never really hear of her parents – after all, they’re just Muggles – but it has to be understood that Harry is not the only one making sacrifices here. Perhaps it was fitting that the Dursley family was not prominently featured, because their role in the films has long since diminished, and a long and protracted good-bye wouldn’t be of any use. There we go – one loose end tied up neatly.

Next – the getaway from Privet Drive. Just like I’d pictured it. Thank goodness! LOVE the Weasley twins’ contributions. I had hoped for a moment that when Harry let Hedwig go, she wouldn’t be killed like she was in the book – but at least in this version, she died saving him! Awwwwwr. (I love Hedwig, by the way, and I hated that in the book, she died in the cage, and never had a chance to spread her wings before it happened.) The chase sequence could have gotten more confusing had they added things like the brick wall coming out of the motorbike’s tailpipe, but thank goodness, that sequence wasn’t too long either.

Oh – before I forget, I love Tonks’s reappearance in the film! Especially the allusion to the potentially furry bun in the oven. 😉

Moving along now, to the Burrow. WOW, Bonnie Avery is BEYOND gorgeous, I think even more so than Clemence Poesy! Of course, in the interest of advancing the plot, things were sort of changed – for instance, the rocky relationship between Harry and Scrimgeour which resulted in the latter getting pissed at Harry for not being more cooperative with the Ministry wasn’t made apparent. I guess that considering they just introduced the new Minister in this film, that can be easily forgiven. Why not?

OK, I think I should probably stop describing every scene because it’s almost time for lab.

What I liked best: the scene between the twins at the Burrow, the lovely shot of Bonnie Avery’s bare back (actually, that whole scene where she kisses Harry and her brother sneaks into the kitchen!), drunken!Lucius at Malfoy Manor, Harry trying to cheer up Hermione by dancing with her after Ron leaves, Rupert Grint’s incredible performance, the HUGE GOUT OF FLAMES in the tent (you’d have to see it to know what I mean), Emma Watson’s very convincing torture scene, EVERYTHING Evanna Lynch said and did, the cutaway to the animation for the “Three Brothers” story with Emma Watson narrating, and the sheer amount of plot that got put in – and actually made sense!

What weirded me out: Dobby’s sudden reappearance (outside of what he did in Malfoy Manor, that is); the gratuitous CGI nudity when the horcrux was opened (seriously! I mean, isn’t this a kid’s movie? but then again, Daniel Radcliffe had to bare it all for Equus); Helena Bonham-Carter (but she always freaks me out).

What I didn’t like: the complete lack of explanation for the mirror, the weird images Harry got in his head (which weren’t at ALL clear); the lack of Ralph Fiennes and the ending of this installment – though it was a logical place, it wasn’t well-explained. Nor were the need to possess the Hallows. Eeeeek.

So, overall? Nine scruffy gingers out of ten wild-haired witches. (And I think there actually ARE nine Weasleys, so there!)




I’m finally finished Stacey’s gloves, and they turned out gorgeous. She LOVED them, and treated me to a very nice crepe and coffee date at Ti Amo. I am currently in the middle of my third garter ridge repeat on my Simple Things, and from the looks of it, most people who have used Malabrigo Sock have maxed out the garter repeats at 5 or 6. So I am getting close…I also did a few rows on Dad’s sock, and started my second handspun mitten. Whee!

Can’t wait til Xmas break…only 2 more weeks to exams!

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Although there is no snow yet, I find myself grateful for the fact that I can knit. I took the dogs for a walk this morning, and was besieged by chill winds and wet drizzle. Despite the cold, I was nice and cozy in my mittens, hat and scarf. The hat was a lovely handmade gift from one of my past swap partners, but the mitts and scarf were indeed my own creation. 🙂 Kali and Remi, of course, have their own fluffiness to keep them warm, and were happy as pigs in shit because Mommy was taking them for walkies, yay!!! 😉

Said fluffballs are now chilling out next to me. I think they’re happy to have their mama home today…my clinical was cancelled because my preceptor has the flu, so I have the afternoon to myself. And what will a housebound, cold student nurse do on her day off?

Homework? Maybe after lunch.

 Housework? Most definitely…there is dog hair everywhere, enough to card and spin into an interesting melange of gold and black fur. (Apparently my babies are Hufflepuffs?)

Cooking? Of course! I just did groceries, and picked up some steaks on sale which will go great with the potato-onion paprikash I like to make.

Jiu jitsu? Yes, tonight. There’s a double class from 7:45-9:15, which is really wicked fun.

And knitting? Well, DUH. This is a knit blog. I am a knitter.

So today, once the chores are done, the homework is finito, and there’s a lovely space between dinner simmering away in the oven and getting suited up in my Gi, I’m going to pop in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and finish Stacey’s gloves, come hell or high water!

Oh, and as another sort of progress note, I’ve completed the first 4 repeats of the star chart on my Laminaria shawl, and also am almost finished the first garter lace repeat on my Simple Things. I think the combination of good food, delicious tea and excellent company at Elie’s yesterday allowed this kind of knitting magic to happen.

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Greetings, web-o-sphere. I’m blogging to you from the school computers, yet again. My Microbiology lab was cancelled this morning and alas, I didn’t bring any knitting with me. (I KNEW I should have brought some! I had an inkling this morning, and look what not following my instincts has brought me…) I still have an hour and a half until my nursing lab, so I shall give you all the quick and dirty update I’m sure you’ve been anticipating with bated breath. (Uh-huh. Not sure how many read this thing, so I have to assume I have hardcore rabid fans or else I’d never update! Heh.)

Today with my spare time, I have made myself a handy little calender thing to keep track of my various clinical dates, appointments and exam times. IT’S SCARY! My PTA sessions will be numerous, though I don’t mind – it means extra money when we need it most. Also, I’m trying to see when would be best for me to do my jiu jitsu classes in my already jam-packed schedule. Let’s face it, unless I keep up with my fitness and keep on learning da moves, I won’t keep my body in shape and won’t be fit to compete. And really, I want to keep on earning stripes, so that I can eventually earn me that blue belt. 🙂

Knitting time, sadly, is falling by the wayside as exam time approaches. It seems like I have mad cast-on-itis/startitis lately, because I’ve got several projects on the needles now and none of them are close to completion (well, maybe a couple of them are). Here’s what’s on my needles now…aside from Dad’s Selbus, Mom’s “Rick” socks and the Marc-turned-hubby’s cable socks, because you know about those already:

-Ugly-Ass Sock part deux – on 9″ circulars that I got at the new LYS in town

-seamless sweater for me, which I’ve been working on since the Fling

-mittens, also for me, made out of the Dyeing Arts superwash merino handspun I also concocted. Whee!

-Laminaria shawl – just started! But, thinking of frogging it because there’s supposed to be a centre stitch…and it has disappeared…but my stitch count still remains correct, I think. Hmm.

-Travelling Woman for Steffy

-fingerless gloves of my own design, for Stacey

-a solid red Das Waffle Hat!, just because I can

-Simple Things shawlette out of Malabrigo Sock (Indiecita) – I’m almost done the ss and increasing part…oh, and this is also for me. Yeeeeeah, man.

-Lacy scarf from a Vogue knitting mag, I forget which one

-Icarus shawl, currently on hold

…Holy HELL. Really, I need a time-turner or something to get all this shit done. And to be entirely honest, I know there are other, more important projects needing to be done, which have fallen by the wayside as I struggle to catch up with all these cast-on projects. I’d like to be able to finish just a few of them before I go insane looking at them, which is why I joined the Selfish Knitters November KAL to try and make those UFOs into FOs. Right now I just feel like the pile of projects can just FO…ya know? ;

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Friday night at SnB, we had the displeasure of meeting a person who, for unknown reasons, figured that the only plug-in available for his laptop in the whole place was underneath the greeting card rack in the adjacent Chapters. Over the course of the night, we saw several people having to avoid said power cord, some tripping over it and gaining evil glares as their reward. Two of our gals went over to look at the knitting magazines, and on the way back the yuppie bastard barked at them for having the audacity to trip over his cord – not once, but twice. Oh, the nerve of them! How dare they expect to traverse through a store without getting tangled up in an iMac’s power cord! Of course, their behavior would be excused if they were children, but since they were grown adults with working eyes, he was indignant that they would dare to interrupt his caffeine jolt while he oh-so-ostentatiously worked away on his laptop.

Kudos to Sarah for straight-up telling this asshole, “Your power cord shouldn’t be there in the first place!” It didn’t cause him to unplug the fucking thing, nor change his nasty behavior. Still, when did it become acceptable to act as though you have the divine right to do whatever you please, and fuck anyone sideways who dares to disagree?

OK, so I could probably see people getting pissed at us for taking up the comfy chairs by the fireplace as we knit and imbibe our caffeine. However – for every night we have spent grouped by the fireplace, there are just as many nights where we have sat at a table in the corner and kept to ourselves. We don’t take more chairs than we need, we don’t leave our project bags out where people can trip on them, and if we bring children, we take them aside and soothe them if they start to kick up a fuss. We don’t consider ourselves entitled to be accomodated – it is a busy place, after all.

The way this guy acted just drives me insane. It’s stuck with me all week because it was just so *wrong*. It continues to bother me today because of another computer-related incident…I was asked to get off my computer in the library because (and I quote) “there are other students on the computer right now, and it looks like you’re just fooling around so I need you to give it to someone else”. So when I snapped at the woman telling me to go off the computer, I have to wonder at myself…am I acting the same way as Douchebag o’ Doom from the other night? But then I think, just because I’m checking my email doesn’t mean I’m not using the computer for schoolwork. I also did have to look up medications for my clinical day, as well as pediatric vital signs and other nursey-related crap. So, why should I get off my computer for a barely-legal brat who just wants to see who got wasted at last night’s Halloween party on their Facebook or Twitter pages? Worse, why is this brat whining for me to give it to them instead of waiting patiently for their turn? Weren’t they ever taught patience? I shudder at the state of people’s manners these days – there’s no please and thank you, just “take what you want and fuck everyone else”.

I wasn’t raised to be a self-entitled bitch, but it’s also true that I have trouble asking for what I want. I think the main thing I’m trying to get across here is, don’t expect everyone to just fall all over themselves for you, but at the same time, if someone tries to take something, stand up for yourself if it’s what you want.

And above all, be polite and don’t be a trip hazard.


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