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Holiday madness up in here! Today is pretty much the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down and relax. Since the 18th, it’s been nonstop family get-togethers and parties with friends. I’d detail them all but really, that’s not the point of this blog is it?

I kept my promise…I did not knit Xmas gifts on the 25th. However, I didn’t finish everything I wanted to. Dad’s gloves never got finished, but I did make some headway on them at least! On Xmas Eve, I brought the halfway finished product to show Dad what they look like, and he’s happy to have me finish them on my own time. I didn’t finish Dalayna’s stocking either, and forget about little sweaters for Kali, Remi and Gus. But heck, they’re dogs – do they even realize it’s Xmas? Probably not. I may as well wait until Remi’s adoption anniversary in February, or Kali’s in March. Or next Xmas, who knows…

Now my immediate goal is to get started on some Xmas knits for 2011 in JANUARY this time. But first, some new duds for little miss Amelia, Michelle’s bebe-in-the-belly. Can’t wait to see her wear them. 🙂


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Il neige!!!

Well, sort of. It’s snowed enough to call it winter now, anyhow.

This being the final day of Pharmacology class, I am now about to embark on the freaky-deaky ride that is called FINALS. During my breaks between teaching sessions at work today, I will begin to review. Well, technically I’ve already started my review, but for other classes. I want to be a bit more focused. So this is my blog post to say that if I don’t surface sometime within the next few weeks, that’s why. I say this because I seem to be blogging a lot more often lately…

I also brought a sock with me to work on…I’m bad. But, should I get my reviewing out of the way, I’d like to get some of this dratted sock done. I have 35 more rows of the foot of the Ugly Ass Sock #2 to do, and if time permits, I’ll try to get those done at SnB tonight. That is, if I manage to get out of work…and if I’m not too tired to go. I’m hoping I’ll be able to.

I finished Dalayna’s hat within 3 days. It’s the “Thorpe” pattern on Rav, except I didn’t do earflaps. It used an entire ball of Noro Bonbori (color #7) and is the CUTEST thing ever. 🙂

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