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At home with my puppies right now. I have to leave around 11:00 to get to school for 11:30. Once there, I hope to get my board for the health fair set up and then study for my Patho midterm, which is tomorrow. UGH.

I have barely put a stitch into any of my UFO’s this week. I HAVE, however, been busily making hats for the homeless. There is a coat and boot drive at the college next week, and the student nurse association is also selling bowls of soup. Half of the proceeds will help to fund our association, and the other half will go to an organization in town which helps the homeless.

I plan to finish Dad’s Selbus this weekend, by hook or crook!!!


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I am a most excellent student. Somehow I am managing to balance studying with all the other crap going on in my life. (It helps that clinical was cancelled again this week…hehehehe.) I plan on studying for my Nursing Practice III midterm at some point today, but for now, it is RELAX TIME. Yeah.

I am excited to report that my weight loss plan is working quite well, I’ve dropped 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I think it’s the extra half hour of biking that did the trick. Eric looks pretty phenomenal too, if I do say so myself…I was teasing him this morning (very nicely) because his belly doesn’t strain against the buttons on his nice work shirts anymore. Rowr rowr…;)

I started a new pair of mittens this week – the thrummed mittens from Interweave Knits, winter ’06. They are incredibly cute, and the fleece I’m using for the thrums feels like little clouds – some lovely Pear Tree roving in Yolk, and Fleece Artist Merino Sliver in Peridot. Plus the Malabrigo Worsted I’m using matches the thrum colors ever so nicely – colorway is Nostalgia, and there’s little bits of green and yellow in with the deep blues. Oh man, I can’t wait to wear them!!!

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Nah, this isn’t a post about the body image issues of the modern college student. I’m just trying to be a smartass and make one of those phrases like on Wheel of Fortune. ^-^

Although technically, I could talk a little bit about my latest fitness adventures. Aside from the grueling training I’m putting myself through at the club, Eric and I are also committing to doing half an hour on the recumbent bike every day. The goal is to lose 15 lbs by April 1st. It would be really helpful if I could stop craving sweets, but alas, it is an unholy passion. Which is funny, because up until about 3 years ago, I only craved salty things. Weirdness.

…I guess it turned into a body image thing after all, huh? Please note – I’m not losing weight to be gross and skinny or anything, I’m doing it because if I don’t get below 163 lbs, I’ll be in the women’s heavyweight class at the Ontario Open – which means everyone 163 lbs and up can have at me. Eeep. 

Anyways! I attended 6 straight days of jiu jitsu this week and plan on going 4-5 times this week. The fact that I have a 12-hour clinical shift on Wednesday and a Patho presentation on Friday is of no consequence. I am sorry to admit that school has become less and less of a priority, but it’s been happening. I know objectively that I cannot expect to pay the bills by remaining degree-less, but right now, my stress is getting worked out on the mats and I can’t just stay away. Having Eric come with me helps too, because it’s like a “couple thing” we can do together. I like that.

I thought I’d be doing a lot more knitting in the midst of pre-midterms stress, but surprisingly little progress on WIPs has been made. Although I DID technically finish the hand of Dad’s second Selbu and started the pinky! Go me! I was stupid and started a new pair of socks – stranded ones, no less! – so I’m more inclined to work on those than my long-neglected WIP pile. Yeah – I replaced one stranded project for another. Am I insane? Probably. Am I smart? Possibly! And why? Because my stranded socks aren’t charted – it’s just a k2 MC, k2 CC and then switch every 2 rows. It makes a nice little checkerboard all the way through the sock. Did I mention it’s worked from the inside AND outside of a ball of Noro Kureyon sock??? Maybe that’s why I’m more inclined to work on the socks than the other stuff.

So here’s what I’d like to finish by the end of the month:


-Steffy’s wedding shawl (I have 1 more chart A repeat to do on her Traveling Woman, then will finish with chart B)

-my Multnomah made of yummy Bugga!

-the Noro socks

And since today, my Sim lab was cancelled, I now have the next 3 hours to vegetate. Ciao!

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