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Now that exams are finished, one would think that I have a great deal of knitting time on my hands. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. Since Friday morning, I have been cleaning my house like a madwoman. Part of it has to do with the fact that we had mold growing on our windowsills and in the closet (EWWW) due to poor air exchange in the house. (Don’t worry, none of it even got close to my yarn!) Also, DH and I are going to be moving our bedroom to the basement for the summer, so I’ve had to clear out the basement rec room. The bedroom is next. Finally, we’ve been giving Remi a bit more room to wander in the house, so if I was going to let her do that, I needed to clean “her” room so she wouldn’t chew on things.

Speaking of the furry wonder, she is currently having a nice relaxing snooze on the couch. We brought her and Kali to my parents’ place today so that they could run and play and hopefully get some of that fat off of them. I also brought them for a walk this evening, during which they were VERY GOOD GIRLS. One man passing by commented, “Wow, those are some BIG puppies!” To which I replied, “Oh, yes.” Despite a large number of distractions, for it was a nice day and many people were out and about, my girls made their mama proud.

And speaking of mamas…ha. I am working on a Mommy Snug sweater for myself, for the future. I won’t have a bun in the oven for a while, but at least I can plan for it and have a nice sweater to wear once “Elvendork” makes his/her way into existence. (If you don’t get the Elvendork bit, this might help: http://www.snitchseeker.com/harry-potter-news/potter-prequel-now-available-online-to-read-updated-57160/. DH and I started calling FBB that because it’s funnier that way, I guess, and easier than Future Baby Bee.) I bought 7 skeins of Malabrigo Rios in “Lettuce” for this sucker. OUCH, says my wallet. MMMM, says my skin. Fair deal.


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Oh, let’s not talk about “factors”, I’ve been reading about blood coagulation factors for the last hour and a half. My poor brain.

I’ve been busily studying for my Pathophysiology exam, which is Monday. It is really not terrible until you consider that the teacher expects you not only to memorize the textbook, but to also have the time to look up OTHER resources to find information that is never explicitly stated in the course outline. Right. I don’t think I will have a problem, considering that I am sitting at 84%, but I shudder at the sheer volume of information still to be reinforced into my brain. My challenge this afternoon will be to explore alterations of neurological and integumentary function. (Brains and skin, if you care…I certainly don’t.) What pisses me off the most is that there was absolutely NO coverage of reproductive function in this course, though there are chapters on it in the textbook. I plan on being a labor and delivery nurse, for crying out loud.

As might be expected, knitting has mostly fallen by the wayside, though I do manage to sneak it in here and there. I plan on taking a study break after supper’s been made, in order to work on my long-neglected Simple Things lovingly crafted out of Dye-Version Bamboo Fingering. The colorway is “Rustico”, and it’s a deliciously fiery combination of reds, oranges and the tiniest smidges of yellow to keep it bright. The general effect is that my shawl has been crafted of living flames. I can’t wait to finish. I am a bit disturbed that perhaps my gauge has shrunk on me, because I’m about to start the third repeat of the eyelet row and I still have a golf-ball-sized ball of yarn left. The original pattern calls for 350-odd yards, and I know for a fact that the yarn I am using is just over that. So why the leftover? Maybe the fibre choice has something to do with it? Either way, I don’t think it will block out too far so it’s probably just better to use the whole ball and stop bitching about it.

Tomorrow is Stefanie’s shower, and I am going to give her the lovely Traveling Woman I created out of DIC Starry in “Crying Dove”. I fear I may have created some drama on Rav, when I started bitching about how she decided she wasn’t going to need a shawl after all, and I had already finished it but chose not to say anything. I was quite affronted that so-called “selfish” knitters would consider my time and effort inconsequential because they perceived it as, “Well, it’s her day so why have a stick up your ass about it?” I DON’T – well, not anymore at least. I’m just kind of pissed that she would say, “Make me a shawl!” and then forget all about it, especially when she picked the pattern AND the yarn. But like I said, it is going to be gifted to her anyway, and maybe she will wear it to her rehearsal dinner or something.

I am trying to find the perfect pattern for a stole, which I will make out of Rowan Kidsilk Haze…it will be for my mama, who bought a lovely sparkly blue strapless dress for the wedding, but is worried about being bare-shouldered in church.

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New blog

Since I’ve been posting a lot of my jiu jitsu adventures in my knitting blog, I decided to make a separate one. Go to girljitsu.wordpress.com if you want to read more about the blood, sweat and tears that make up my lifestyle. 🙂

…That doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t mention it here from now on, but it won’t be the focus anymore.

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