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Since I have to work 10 straight days in a row (1 down, 9 to go), I thought I would theorize as to how I can make time to knit in the coming week, without sacrificing my physical fitness. (I also have to miss jiu jitsu because of work. Fuuuuuuuuuck.)

Theory #1: I take my knitting to work with me! Of course, this is a terrible idea because one cannot call bingo and knit at the same time. I need two hands for both. I could theoretically knit during the Link and during the (albeit short) breaks between sessions, but I have other tasks to do (i.e. changing the numbers, replacing board lights that are burned out, etc). So bollocks to that theory.

Theory #2: I shall knit on my 2-hour break when I go home between the matinee and twilight sessions. This could possibly work, because in those 2 hours, I spend 40 of them driving to and from the hall, leaving me with a respectable amount of knitting time in between. However…certain chubby puppies need to be walked, dishes and other unappealing chores need to be done, and by the time these things are accomplished, I have to go back to work. *sigh*

Theory #3: I get up earlier and knit BEFORE work!

…Ahahahahahahaha. No effing way.

Theory #4: I could knit AFTER work! With the way my work schedule has been running, I have found it impossible to sleep before 1 AM anyway, so there’s a good 3 hours at night which I could use to make pretty things. However…herein lies the rub – I’m usually too tired to do anything after work except plop my ass on the couch (or into bed) and watch me some TV. I could also potentially make a lot of mistakes in my work if I try to knit at night…hmm. I do like this option the best, though.

…And I’ve come to the realization that while I’ve been blogging about finding time to knit, I could have been knitting. OY.


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Things have come to a pretty pass when my stash starts to grow again, and I haven’t knitted a single stitch in four days.

It’s not entirely my fault. The same job which has allowed me to have enough free cash to spend on yarn, has also been a real pain in the ass when it comes to finding knitting time. At present time, I worked every single day last week, had Sunday off, worked Monday-Tuesday, had Wednesday off, and now I won’t have another day off until NEXT Thursday (and hopefully Friday). My manager noticed that if I were to be scheduled for any more shifts next week, I would be in overtime. Not that it matters a hell of a lot, because from Saturday the 18th to Sunday the 26th, I won’t have a single day off. NOT ONE.

Clearly, this puts a damper on not only my knitting projects, but my home and social life. My darling husband has nobody to make sure he’s eating properly, the puppies are going to get fat because I won’t be walking them as much, and I won’t be able to go to jiu jitsu or SnB at all. (In fact, I have not attended SnB for THREE WEEKS. Sad, I know!)

On now to some yarn-bragging…I didn’t work until 6:15 today so I went to North Bay to visit my SIL-to-be. Also, I hit up Stix ‘n Stones, the LYS in North Bay, and got some bitchin’ new yarn. Malabrigo Worsted was on sale so I got 4 skeins in different colors (one is for my mom, who is a Malabrigo junkie), a skein of Tanis Fibre Arts sock yarn, a skein of Handmaiden Casbah, and a skein of Misty Haven Alpaca. Mmmm. Thank you, HST credit!

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