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Wanted: Mojo!

I’m hoping that, as I ease on into the second trimester, that my knitting mojo will soon return and I can make some cute stuff for my wee one.

As it is, I can barely bring myself to make anything these days. At first, the nausea was so bad that even sitting in my husband’s comfy chair with my knitting on my lap was awful. I would knit a few stitches, turn green, and have to put it down again. Now, as the nausea is slowly ebbing away, I’m starting to get my energy back. But all is not yet peaches and cream…I get little bursts of energy which are better spent on say, walking the dogs or cleaning the house. Noble, yes, but not always fun.

I have a few days off coming up, so I would really like to get back to the making of stuff. I have a pair of mittens for my SIL on the go, which I would like to finish soon. Then I will finish the sleeve on Little Ninja’s sweater. I am torn about whether to work on baby things or Xmas gifts. DH solved this dilemna by asking, “Which is first, Xmas or your due date?” When I replied “Xmas”, he said, “Well, there’s your answer, champ!” Heh. ^-^

Right. Blogging about doing stuff isn’t productive in the slightest. I think I might go and try to finish that blessed mitten after all…


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