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This year, I have decided not to knit people things for Xmas. Gasp!

I think it is only reasonable. After all, I spent a lot of time the last 6 months growing another human being inside of me, which made me too nauseous and tired to knit in my first trimester, and too inclined to make cute things up until this point. So rather than feel guilty for not making people their super-fabulous warm woolie things, this year I shall be buying gifts. Wheeeee.

I can’t tell if that will be more expensive or not, seeing as I don’t use the cheap stuff for my Xmas gifts. Regardless, I think that people should still appreciate that I am giving them something from the heart, no matter how much I’ve spent on them. ‘Tis all about the giving, not the getting.

Exams are almost upon us…I only have two this semester, thank goodness. Once they’re over with, Eric and I are going to decorate the house for Xmas, as well as start cleaning out Lucie’s room so we can paint it. 🙂 We will also be moving the bedroom back upstairs. It was nice having the bedroom in the basement during the summer, because it was hot as balls upstairs (and honestly, being pregnant in the middle of a heat wave was NOT FUN). But now that I’m creeping towards my third trimester, lumbering upstairs in the middle of the night to pee is definitely not something I enjoy doing.


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