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Mr. Cole has kept me awfully busy lately, so not much time to blog, let alone knit! Since he was born, I made a Small Things sweater for him, a couple of blanket squares for various Ravellers in need of comfort, a chemo hat for a member of our due date group on Rav, and finished my Jared Flood sweater from Spring Fling 2010 (omg).

Summer is on its way (in fact it feels like it’s already here, with this 25 degree Celsius weather!) and that means soon I can go swimming! I have some pretty specific goals for the summer and they include…

-go to BJJ 2-3 times a week

-attend another BJJ tournament (June 16th, in Ottawa)

-get my 4th stripe

-go jogging every second day with Cole, to the point where I can do 5-6 km without stopping (I can do 1.2 km nonstop so far!)

-go walking on opposite days with either Cole or the puppies (or both, but separate walks)

-drink more water

-eat healthy foods and resist the urge to get convenience food when tired

-lose the rest of my baby weight and 5-10 lbs beyond that – I was 160 lbs when I got pregnant, gained 50 lbs to hit 210, and have so far lost 34 lbs (am sitting at 176) – I’d like to get down to 150 lbs, which is what I weighed on my wedding day


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So much has happened in the last couple of months.

For starters, I had a baby! Not just any baby though…we were told we were having a girl, but as you can see, our sweet BOY was born March 8th. His name is Cole. 🙂  Image

And of course, I had absolutely nothing knitted for a boy!

Since I’ve had Cole, here’s what’s happened to me:

-finished school for the summer – one year left!

-was diagnosed with postpartum depression – possibly the fact of our little “surprise” plus finishing school while caring for a newborn did me in

-lost 30 lbs – holy shit!

-learned to love cloth diapers 🙂

-resumed my jiu jitsu training at 2 weeks postpartum

-signed up for a BJJ tournament

-fell in love with my sweet baby ❤

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