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Post title courtesy of my trip to the chiropractor this morning. πŸ™‚ I love going to get my spine adjusted. I always feel much better afterward, and the rest of the day I am in a really excellent mood. It’s especially important with the Ontario Open coming up that I am at my best physically, and chiropractic care definitely helps in that department. I may have to go after the tournament, but hopefully my opponents will need it more than I will. πŸ˜‰

Made a trip to the LYS with Michelle last night. Since I’m on a stricter yarn diet than ever, I very sadly passed over the pretty Malabrigo Twist in Tuarag, and instead bought some Soak wash, size 13 US circulars for a design I have in mind, and some Hiya Hiya Puppy Snips. The latter are most excellent!!! I used them last night to do some end-snipping on a FO, and boy, do those little suckers ever cut!

I have class in half an hour, and am so thankful that the semester is nearly at an end. I might as well call this my “Entitlement – part 2” rant, because I am so upset at the disrespect that goes on in my class and how powerless I feel to stop it. Long story short – a good deal of my classmates seem to be laboring under the delusion that the classroom is their own personal chat room. They speak at normal speaking volumes and talk about everything from how drunk they got over the weekend, to outright rude and derogatory comments about our teachers – one in particular, who is a sweet, soft-spoken Indian lady. It upsets me that they think they can just do this and not have any repercussions. In fact, there have been no repercussions for them, because our professors refuse to confront them or kick them out of class. My friend Rebecca spoke to one of the professors, and was told that there is nothing that can be done because (and I quote) “they are adult learners and they pay tuition, so we can’t say anything about it”. First of all – they are acting like children – so treat them as such and SEND THEM OUT OF CLASS. Second – I pay my tuition just like everyone else does, and my learning is being disrupted. How is it fair that these people are allowed to interrupt the class in this fashion, and everyone else has to put up? Don’t we have rights too?


I think it’s time to pack it in now, and head to class. Next time you hear from me, I will be sore, but hopefully a champion. πŸ™‚


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Nah, this isn’t a post about the body image issues of the modern college student. I’m just trying to be a smartass and make one of those phrases like on Wheel of Fortune. ^-^

Although technically, I could talk a little bit about my latest fitness adventures. Aside from the grueling training I’m putting myself through at the club, Eric and I are also committing to doing half an hour on the recumbent bike every day. The goal is to lose 15 lbs by April 1st. It would be really helpful if I could stop craving sweets, but alas, it is an unholy passion. Which is funny, because up until about 3 years ago, I only craved salty things. Weirdness.

…I guess it turned into a body image thing after all, huh? Please note – I’m not losing weight to be gross and skinny or anything, I’m doing it because if I don’t get below 163 lbs, I’ll beΒ in the women’s heavyweight class at the Ontario Open – which means everyone 163 lbs and up can have at me. Eeep.Β 

Anyways! I attended 6 straight days of jiu jitsu this week and plan on going 4-5 times this week. The fact that I have a 12-hour clinical shift on Wednesday and a Patho presentation on Friday is of no consequence. I am sorry to admit that school has become less and less of a priority, but it’s been happening. I know objectively that I cannot expect to pay the bills by remaining degree-less, but right now, my stress is getting worked out on the mats and I can’t just stay away. Having Eric come with me helps too, because it’s like a “couple thing” we can do together. I like that.

I thought I’d be doing a lot more knitting in the midst of pre-midterms stress, but surprisingly little progress on WIPs has been made. Although I DID technically finish the hand of Dad’s second Selbu and started the pinky! Go me! I was stupid and started a new pair of socks – stranded ones, no less! – so I’m more inclined to work on those than my long-neglected WIP pile. Yeah – I replaced one stranded project for another. Am I insane? Probably. Am I smart? Possibly! And why? Because my stranded socks aren’t charted – it’s just a k2 MC, k2 CC and then switch every 2 rows. It makes a nice little checkerboard all the way through the sock. Did I mention it’s worked from the inside AND outside of a ball of Noro Kureyon sock??? Maybe that’s why I’m more inclined to work on the socks than the other stuff.

So here’s what I’d like to finish by the end of the month:


-Steffy’s wedding shawl (I have 1 more chart A repeat to do on her Traveling Woman, then will finish with chart B)

-my Multnomah made of yummy Bugga!

-the Noro socks

And since today, my Sim lab was cancelled, I now have the next 3 hours to vegetate. Ciao!

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Live to fight, fight to live

At school, again.

Seeing as all is quiet on the knitting front today, I will talk a little about my other passion – Brazilian jiu jitsu. Today I have a crapton of bruises on my arms, legs and torso, but you know what…I wouldn’t NOT have them. They are marks of courage to me, the badges of a warrior. Likewise are the aches and pains in my back and shoulders. They tell me I have been working hard, and dammit, I have been. I want to be the best I can be in this sport, and I want to be the kind of reflective practitioner that says, “This is where I’ve been and this is where I want to go. This is where I am right now.”

My instructor, John, tells me (and sometimes the class) that he wishes he has video footage of when I first starteed coming out. I would literally flop over anytime someone demonstrated a move on me. And now? Well, I don’t pretend that I am the next super MMA fighter or anything, but I can definitely hold my own in the ring. Sure there are guys who are bigger than me who could crush the hell out of my bones if they wanted. But they are disciplined too. And it takes two willing participants to spar and not kill each other – in Randori, that really ISN’T the point. John keeps saying that Randori can be the best part or the worst part of class depending on how youi do iot. And I love Randori (the sparring portion of BJJ) because it allows me to take what I know and apply it.

The Ontario Open BJJ torunament is coming up on April 2nd, and I have every intention of going. this will be my first competition, and I’m sort of half-scared and half-excited. Scared because I don’t know what to expect, and scared that someone’s going to tear my limbs off. But also excited because I know in my heart of hearts that if I really apply myself, I could theoretically win this thing. I won’t be so proud to say that I’d definitely win it, but I think half the battle is attitude. I won’t be upset if I lose, I’ll be upset if I don’t take some sort of lesson away from this competition.

So while I am this gentle kitten in person…I have to become a tigress. One who can pin you down and hold you, then do whatever the helll she wants to you!

And that, my friends, is all I have to say at this time…as the weeks go on, I’m sure you’ll hear more of my martial arts endeavors. πŸ™‚

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I am a little sad right now because I will not be able to go to the Renzo Gracie Invitational. 😦 Remi needs to get spayed and my work won’t let me get the time off, so these two factors are inhibiting me from going. Oh, well. There shall be other fights, and perhaps in-house tournaments to attend before I make an ass of myself internationally. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of the puppy, she is doing better all the time. She has only made 2 messes this week, and prior to that she hadn’t made any all week. She is also calming down quite a lot, and I think that’s because a) we’ve been playing with her A LOT and b) it’s been too hot for her to get out of control. Sadly, this has also meant a lot of vacuuming…well, sadly for her and Kali, because they HATE the vacuum!

In between taking care of my girls, working my ass off in the gym and at work, and keeping my house in order, I have also been working on a correspondence chemistry course. No – not a high school level course like I took last summer. This is Clinical Chemistry, which I am taking because I’d rather do it over the summer on my own time than take it during the school year. The fact that it is a full-year course being condensed into a single semester doesn’t hurt, either.

On the knitting front, I learned to spin using a drop spindle a few weeks ago and I’m having a blast! I bought a spindle and some roving from Maine Woods Yarns several months ago, but the spinning instructions confounded me so I gave it up quickly. Then Sarah and Andrea-of-the-hideous-variety taught me, and before long I spun up all of my roving. Since I’m on my yarn fast still, I can’t even get roving, but I have a lot queued in my Loopy wishlist so let’s see if I can wait until December…

Today I picked up the sleeve for my seamless sweater that I started at the Fling. God, I missed it. Finally, I am finished with a plenitude Β of gifts for other people, and can work on my own stuff!

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The puppies are sleeping. Oh my God, Remi is getting HUGE. At her last vet appointment (2 weeks ago), she weighed in at 35 lbs. AAAAAH!

Today is my little nephew Quinn’s birthday. He is 1 year old today! Around this time last year, I was sitting in the movie theatre watching “Star Trek” when Ginger called to say she had had a c-section and her little man was just fine. So happy birthday, my sweet little nephew. Auntie Ana will be working on the quilt she started LAST year, to get it to you by the end of the month. ^-^

In a bit of a break from tradition, I’m not going to focus too much on knitting for this post. Instead, I’m gonna talk a bit about another one of my passions…Brazilian jiu jitsu. I’ve been taking classes since August ’09, and in January I received the first stripe on my white belt. This weekend, there is a seminar given by Pat Cooligan, a black belt from Ottawa, and I’m hoping that I’ll be receiving my second stripe there. Β I hope that my instructors know how hard I’ve been working for it.

But ranking isn’t as important to me as you’d think. Right now, what’s focusing my attention is the Renzo Gracie Invitational tournament, taking place in New York next month on the 26th of June. I had planned on going in November, but they bumped up the gi-only portion of the tournament. So now, I have to focus on learning some slick moves, and also on losing quite a bit of weight if I don’t want to be placed in the heavyweight/”free for all” category. Yikes!!!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. πŸ™‚

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