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As of today, there are only 3 more weeks of classes left this semester. This means a great deal to me, not only because I will have a LOT more time to knit and train, I have more time to spend with hubby and my little pack of pups. I love my little family so, so much. 🙂

I’m making a lot of headway on a commission for one of my mum’s work friends. So far I’ve made a little hat, booties and sweater for this person’s soon-to-be-born niece, and just today I cast on for a simple but lovely afghan. I think I’ll work 8×8 squares, stockinette alternating with lace blocks. I started making one like it a few years ago for my cousin Jocelyn’s baby, but never finished and in fact I frogged it. Let’s hope this one works out…particularly since I’ll be getting paid for it.

I managed to score on the last TLE update! 3 skeins of Wollmeise 80/20 – Lavendel, Grashupfer, and Red Hot Chili. Also grabbed a couple skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy while I was at it. Yeah, I know – I said I wasn’t going to buy any new yarn until the Spring Fling. Weeeell…As one of the gals in the Perpetual Yarn Dieters group on Ravelry said, “Wollmeise is a law unto itself”. Amen, sister-friend!

In about half an hour, I’m heading out to my SnB. Our group has grown to about 8, depending on how many people can make it out. Tonight we will have 6, or so I believe. I had to miss last week because I went out of town to visit Ginger on my March Break, but tonight, I’m going to have a nice pear cider and maybe some hummus and veggies, and knit my heart out!


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That’s right! Eric and I will be moving into our VERY FIRST HOUSE on January 15th, 2010. I’m so excited! Not only will we have a lot more space, I will actually have my own knitting room. The current owners are using it as a sewing room, so it’s not too much of a stretch to see it as a knitting room! 🙂

I did really well for a while with the not-buying-wool thing, but today I went nuts in the Loopy sale and got myself some pretty stuff – some Kureyon Sock, All Things Heather superwash, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, and Trekking XXL. I’ve been dying to try the Trekking; it’s been on my wishlist for ages but I wasn’t sure if I ought to get some. Now I will have some! Yay! I’m also excited about the ATH because I got some in my Loopy Groupie pack, and when I made Heather’s socks, I absolutely loved working with it.

I should be working on my various papers, but considering I had to do practice lab and stay after school to do it, there wasn’t precisely any time for that. I have to work tomorrow afternoon for the midwifery program, so what I plan to do is bring my laptop and work on my papers between sessions. Hopefully I can get my group essay project done ASAP, and after that, work like crazy on the second part of my change paper.

With all these papers due, placement evaluations, practice labs, scenario testing and general anxiety surrounding school and upcoming exams, I haven’t been able to knit a lot. This worries me. I’m sure that once school is done for the year, I can work on everything that needs to get done and GIT ‘ER DUN!

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One month and thirteen days until Christmas…wow. I really have to start knitting more. Or faster. Or both.

Xmas gifts on the go include: a second pair of socks for Heather, a watch cap for my Dad, and a scarf for Tiff. I’m really excited about this scarf; I bought a giant-ass yellow skein of Cascade Eco + which has 487 yards!!! Mom was excited about it too; she got two hanks of it (one blue, one red) at Stix and Stones last weekend. I really should be working more on destashing (and let’s face it, I HAVE been hardcore destashing), but I couldn’t resist Rae’s pretty shop. Oh well, 5 skeins of yarn isn’t a bad thing. (Until you add the two I got from TLE the other day…oy! Will the madness never end?!)

I think the thing that bothers me most about my yarn addiction is the expense. Sure, I could go and buy myself a bunch of acrylic and go nuts without breaking the bank. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. Slowly but surely, I am turning into a yarn snob and I can’t stop it! I love the nubby softness of sheep wool, the crispness of cotton, the buttery smoothness of alpaca and cashmere…ooh, I am spoiled. And hungry for more yarn. (I think my mom is quickly coming around to my way of thinking…heh.)

I’m really excited…I mailed off my “sporran” to my spoilee this week. I really hope she likes it. I also hope she doesn’t think I was cheap or anything. (Fat chance of that, really.) Now I’m just anxiously awaiting the arrival of my own sporran. I’ve never participated in a swap before, but I’m confident that my spoiler will be great. Plus – anticipation just adds to the fun! 🙂

Anyway, I am currently blogging on the school computer because we got out of class early and I am BORED TO DEATH. I’ve actually managed to sleep the last few nights without resorting to the couch when Eric starts snoring like a buzz-saw, but last night I tossed and turned a lot. Kali has developed a habit of jumping onto the bed in the middle of the night and snuggling up right between us. It isn’t so bad if it’s her face by my face, but sometimes she puts her ass end in my face and so I have this giant doggy tail wagging in my face all night. Sometimes she snores, and I hit Eric because I think it’s him – not so! 😉

I should get going…I have an essay to hand in today worth 35% of my mark. EEK!

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Yes, that’s right – I’ve brought her over to the dark side! Muahahaha…

She is angiesmom (which I think is so sweet!) and pretty soon I am going to go help her add projects and get her started.

In other news, I got my yarn binge from TLE a few days ago, and since it was my 6th order, I am now officially a Loopy Groupie! 🙂 I received the famous tote and Loopy kisses, as well as a cute sheep calender, a sock pattern, and a skein of All Things Heather 100% superwash merino in the “Cowbell” colorway. All I have to say is…THANK YOU, SHERI!!!

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Oh, Sheri…I love you. I love you and The Loopy Ewe so much. In fact, I love you a bit TOO much, which was why I was trying to avoid buying any TLW for a while as I destashed like hell.

But Sheri, my love, you had to have an anniversary sale, didn’t you? And of course, the first sale would be for Lorna’s Laces. LORNA’S LACES, for heaven’s sake. You know how much I love it! In fact, I believe there are 6 or 7 skeins in varying levels of finished-ness in my apartment, plus many lovely FO’s featuring one of my favorite yarns in the whole wide world.

Well, because it’s my anniversary soon as well, I thought, “This is kinda serendipitous. Hey, I should go check it out.” And wham! Before I knew it, I had 5 different colorways of LL Shepherd Sock in my shopping cart! And, if I’m not mistaken, this puts me over the $250 mark AND it’s my sixth order. Holy crap…

Anyway, I think the point of this post was to say that yeah, totally broke my yarn fast AGAIN. I’m such a bad little recovering addict…oh yes, and also to say I LOVE YOU SHERI! ^-^

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