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Nah, this isn’t a post about the body image issues of the modern college student. I’m just trying to be a smartass and make one of those phrases like on Wheel of Fortune. ^-^

Although technically, I could talk a little bit about my latest fitness adventures. Aside from the grueling training I’m putting myself through at the club, Eric and I are also committing to doing half an hour on the recumbent bike every day. The goal is to lose 15 lbs by April 1st. It would be really helpful if I could stop craving sweets, but alas, it is an unholy passion. Which is funny, because up until about 3 years ago, I only craved salty things. Weirdness.

…I guess it turned into a body image thing after all, huh? Please note – I’m not losing weight to be gross and skinny or anything, I’m doing it because if I don’t get below 163 lbs, I’ll be in the women’s heavyweight class at the Ontario Open – which means everyone 163 lbs and up can have at me. Eeep. 

Anyways! I attended 6 straight days of jiu jitsu this week and plan on going 4-5 times this week. The fact that I have a 12-hour clinical shift on Wednesday and a Patho presentation on Friday is of no consequence. I am sorry to admit that school has become less and less of a priority, but it’s been happening. I know objectively that I cannot expect to pay the bills by remaining degree-less, but right now, my stress is getting worked out on the mats and I can’t just stay away. Having Eric come with me helps too, because it’s like a “couple thing” we can do together. I like that.

I thought I’d be doing a lot more knitting in the midst of pre-midterms stress, but surprisingly little progress on WIPs has been made. Although I DID technically finish the hand of Dad’s second Selbu and started the pinky! Go me! I was stupid and started a new pair of socks – stranded ones, no less! – so I’m more inclined to work on those than my long-neglected WIP pile. Yeah – I replaced one stranded project for another. Am I insane? Probably. Am I smart? Possibly! And why? Because my stranded socks aren’t charted – it’s just a k2 MC, k2 CC and then switch every 2 rows. It makes a nice little checkerboard all the way through the sock. Did I mention it’s worked from the inside AND outside of a ball of Noro Kureyon sock??? Maybe that’s why I’m more inclined to work on the socks than the other stuff.

So here’s what I’d like to finish by the end of the month:


-Steffy’s wedding shawl (I have 1 more chart A repeat to do on her Traveling Woman, then will finish with chart B)

-my Multnomah made of yummy Bugga!

-the Noro socks

And since today, my Sim lab was cancelled, I now have the next 3 hours to vegetate. Ciao!


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One month and thirteen days until Christmas…wow. I really have to start knitting more. Or faster. Or both.

Xmas gifts on the go include: a second pair of socks for Heather, a watch cap for my Dad, and a scarf for Tiff. I’m really excited about this scarf; I bought a giant-ass yellow skein of Cascade Eco + which has 487 yards!!! Mom was excited about it too; she got two hanks of it (one blue, one red) at Stix and Stones last weekend. I really should be working more on destashing (and let’s face it, I HAVE been hardcore destashing), but I couldn’t resist Rae’s pretty shop. Oh well, 5 skeins of yarn isn’t a bad thing. (Until you add the two I got from TLE the other day…oy! Will the madness never end?!)

I think the thing that bothers me most about my yarn addiction is the expense. Sure, I could go and buy myself a bunch of acrylic and go nuts without breaking the bank. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. Slowly but surely, I am turning into a yarn snob and I can’t stop it! I love the nubby softness of sheep wool, the crispness of cotton, the buttery smoothness of alpaca and cashmere…ooh, I am spoiled. And hungry for more yarn. (I think my mom is quickly coming around to my way of thinking…heh.)

I’m really excited…I mailed off my “sporran” to my spoilee this week. I really hope she likes it. I also hope she doesn’t think I was cheap or anything. (Fat chance of that, really.) Now I’m just anxiously awaiting the arrival of my own sporran. I’ve never participated in a swap before, but I’m confident that my spoiler will be great. Plus – anticipation just adds to the fun! 🙂

Anyway, I am currently blogging on the school computer because we got out of class early and I am BORED TO DEATH. I’ve actually managed to sleep the last few nights without resorting to the couch when Eric starts snoring like a buzz-saw, but last night I tossed and turned a lot. Kali has developed a habit of jumping onto the bed in the middle of the night and snuggling up right between us. It isn’t so bad if it’s her face by my face, but sometimes she puts her ass end in my face and so I have this giant doggy tail wagging in my face all night. Sometimes she snores, and I hit Eric because I think it’s him – not so! 😉

I should get going…I have an essay to hand in today worth 35% of my mark. EEK!

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The Dark Side

Ahahahaha…oh, my mom is so cute. This is a conversation we had on the phone last night:

Mom: So I forgot to tell you, I went over to the *Dark Side* today. (said in a half-menacing tone)

Me: Uh…what did you do?

Mom: …

Me: OH! I get it. You went to the yarn shop on Barry Downe, didn’t you?


(Just so y’all know, the Shop-that-must-not-be-named is renowned for its terrible customer service. It is, however, the only place for miles around that sells Briggs & Little “Tuffy”, a worsted weight yarn that mom and I are both highly particular for.)

This is just a quick jump into the blog-o-sphere to let everyone know I’m still alive, and that I am trying to be diligent on my knitting while going to school, MMA and work. It helps that we have a Stitch n Bitch group now in Sudbury, which formerly met at the Starbucks, but now we go to the Laughing Buddha on Mondays. 🙂

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Oh, MAN. Three nights in a row at MMA and Muay Thai classes has left me uber-sore. I’m taking tonight off, but will probably go on Friday. I might drag the husbeast along too, so he can observe my butt-kicking. All in all, I am really enjoying the classes and the workout I get from it. Hopefully I can get Eric and other people interested too.

For the past three days, I have not been able to knit much because I’ve been so busy. Hopefully that will change a bit. I want to finish up Marc’s mittens, then FBB (Future Baby Bee)’s Koigu sweater, and Alys’s blanket before school starts. Hah, good luck…

Will be shopping with my mom today for scrubs, and then we are going to bingo. I’m excited!! 🙂

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Yes, that’s right – I’ve brought her over to the dark side! Muahahaha…

She is angiesmom (which I think is so sweet!) and pretty soon I am going to go help her add projects and get her started.

In other news, I got my yarn binge from TLE a few days ago, and since it was my 6th order, I am now officially a Loopy Groupie! 🙂 I received the famous tote and Loopy kisses, as well as a cute sheep calender, a sock pattern, and a skein of All Things Heather 100% superwash merino in the “Cowbell” colorway. All I have to say is…THANK YOU, SHERI!!!

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My inspiration

Was on Ravelry earlier today and saw a post about mother-daughter lookalikes. I was inspired to write about my knitting inspiration – my mother, whom everyone says looks like she could be my sister.

When my mom was in her teens, she wanted to learn how to knit, and she went to her own mother, who didn’t know how. So mom decided to ask one of her neighbours, an elderly lady who taught her both picking AND throwing (she tends towards picking to this day). Mom used to go to the Value Village and Salvation Army to find old sweaters for $1 or less, and would unravel them and make new sweaters out of them.

Growing up, I didn’t understand why my mom took so much time to knit things, nice as they were when she could just buy them. As a young child, I didn’t see the poverty that swallowed our family, and so could not appreciate the value of handmade clothes. I was so upset one Christmas when my brothers and I received matching scratchy handmade sweaters and little else – how I regret my childish tantrums over having to wear them now.

Eventually, curiosity got the best of me and I asked her to teach me how to knit. Mom decided it would be best to show me how to throw rather than how to pick. My little hands were slow to learn, but in time I got the hang of it and mastered garter stitch. She eventually taught me how to purl, cast off, and many other simple skills. When she saw me struggle with remembering how to do a purl stitch, she let me figure it out for myself until slowly, painstakingly, I got it. Mom always knew that once she showed me the ropes, I’d come to love it as much as she did.

I have so many memories of her knitting, like how she would knit at the beach, and one day a seagull crapped all over the baby afghan she was knitting for my cousin. Or, when my Girl Guides troop was making knitted squares to sew into quilts for a local woman’s shelter and I was asked who taught me, I proudly announced “My mommy!” and pointed across the room, where she was immersed in teaching another girl the basics – she was just starting out as a troop leader. I can see her sitting on her easy chair in the living room, with our dog Sonny at her feet and the sage-green afghan she made for herself draped over her lap.

My mother’s love for me and for the craft she taught me to love were blended together when it came time for my wedding shower last April. Mom knitted well over 100 cotton dishcloths for guests to take as shower favors, and I remember her making at least one per day during the months leading up to it. I offered to make some too, but she insisted on doing them herself. That’s just mom’s way, though. 🙂

My mom and I don’t talk very often due to our busy schedules, and heaven only knows our relationship has been a stormy one from the beginning due to our very similar personalities grating and sparking off each other. But no matter what we say or do, we both know how much we love each other – we are spun from the same stuff, after all!

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