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The puppies are sleeping. Oh my God, Remi is getting HUGE. At her last vet appointment (2 weeks ago), she weighed in at 35 lbs. AAAAAH!

Today is my little nephew Quinn’s birthday. He is 1 year old today! Around this time last year, I was sitting in the movie theatre watching “Star Trek” when Ginger called to say she had had a c-section and her little man was just fine. So happy birthday, my sweet little nephew. Auntie Ana will be working on the quilt she started LAST year, to get it to you by the end of the month. ^-^

In a bit of a break from tradition, I’m not going to focus too much on knitting for this post. Instead, I’m gonna talk a bit about another one of my passions…Brazilian jiu jitsu. I’ve been taking classes since August ’09, and in January I received the first stripe on my white belt. This weekend, there is a seminar given by Pat Cooligan, a black belt from Ottawa, and I’m hoping that I’ll be receiving my second stripe there.  I hope that my instructors know how hard I’ve been working for it.

But ranking isn’t as important to me as you’d think. Right now, what’s focusing my attention is the Renzo Gracie Invitational tournament, taking place in New York next month on the 26th of June. I had planned on going in November, but they bumped up the gi-only portion of the tournament. So now, I have to focus on learning some slick moves, and also on losing quite a bit of weight if I don’t want to be placed in the heavyweight/”free for all” category. Yikes!!!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. 🙂


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Why a starfish, you ask?

Well, I was at a baby shower on Saturday. I had never met the mommy-to-be (Krysta) except for on Facebook, although I technically linked to her through both my friend Kristina (who had a baby with Krysta’s husband Ross long before they were married) and the lady who hooks up the TV’s at the hospital (Kathy), who is the mommy-to-be’s mommy. At this shower, I finally got to meet Krysta, and gifted her with a pretty little cot blanket I had made for the occasion. She was thrilled with it, I am happy to report. 🙂

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon at work. Kathy comes in to pick up her pager when I’m on my shift, and so I get to chat with her before she goes to hook up the tellies. Yesterday she asked me, with a glint of (?)evil in her eye: “So, do you want a present?” Oooooh, the intrigue! “Presents! For me?” I said, all innocently.

That was when she picked up a giant garbage bag and said, “This is all full of yarn – for you!”

I very nearly tore it open so I could dump it on the floor and do the starfish! However – hospital floors are gross. I’m not going to do that.

This bag is full to the brim with neutral and baby colors – all acrylic, but it’s the Zellers Bebe Sayelle stuff that I used to LOVE working with before you couldn’t get it anywhere in this town. Apparently, Krysta would like me to make her some baby legwarmers…dude, I could make her kid legwarmers to last her until she’s collecting a pension! Or at least, make some blankets for the babies in my family…for the next ten years, mind you. I had to laugh because one of Kathy’s sisters asked, “Do you think she’ll use all of it?” to which Kathy replied, “She’s at the age where everyone she knows is having babies. Of course she’s going to use it!” Hee hee hee. ^-^

As I am now currently on my Reading Week, I’m hoping to get a lot of knitting done. I have one of Daniella’s mittens and one of Alex’s socks done already. The second mitten is started, but since I finished the first of the socks late last night, I wasn’t going to cast on for the second one just then. Maybe at SnB tonight…

Oh hey, have I blogged about the Stitch ‘n Bitch I go to? We meet at the Laughing Buddha on Elgin Street, 7:15 PM on Monday nights. (Why 7:15? I have MMA until 7:00 and it takes me a while to get over there, although the travel time is markedly less since we switched the locale from Starbucks on the Kingsway to the Buddha.) Elizabeth and Amelie are great to hang around with, and I wish Hedgie would come back – some nights it’s just me and Elizabeth, and I haven’t missed a knit night yet.

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I’m not sure how many people follow celebrity deaths…I am just one of those morbid individuals, I suppose. Anyway.

Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday at age 57 after a long battle with cancer. When I first heard he was terminally ill, my heart just sank in my chest – he was one of my favorite actors. I think that my favorite movies with him were “Ghost”, “Donnie Darko” and “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”. Also, he kinda looked like my dad when he was younger, so I thought that was pretty cool.  I’m really sad to hear of his passing, and I hope his family will find comfort and peace in knowing how much he was loved and respected as an actor. Rest in peace, Patrick.

It was good to get that off my chest.

I suppose I should add a twee bit of knitting-related stuff…well, I guess the biggest thing on my mind right now is that I cannot knit fast enough. I haven’t really had much time either, what with school, work, MMA classes and homework. Oh yes, and I need to see my husband once in a while, too! It’s damn near impossible these days, with our weird work schedules. However – some progress has been made. I managed to finish one of Jazz’s “bubble socks” (Bremen Muster) and am in the middle of the gusset on the other one. I’m also chugging away, slowly but surely, on Daniella’s Newfoundland mittens. Last night, I finished a wee baby hat out of Koigu left over from a lacy little sweater I did, so FBB (Future Baby Bee) will have a nice matching cap on  her (or his) fuzzy wee head. 🙂

The thorn in my side is the freakin’ SRK On Your Toes multi that I got at Carousel/House of Yarn. I have made 3 baby hats (one was an 18-month size, for heaven’s sake!), and a pair of baby socks – and there is still something like 200 yards left! How the HELL is that even possible?! I know the original yardage was somewhere in the 300’s, but I would have thought it would take more than 100-odd yards for the items I mentioned, especially considering the size of needle used and the size of a couple of the hats. Probably would have just been better off making a  pair of socks out of it, but I bought it SPECIFICALLY for making baby items. Well, to hell with it – I decided to make a single sock, a little oddball, and that’ll hopefully kill it once and for all. If not – I have a sock yarn blanket that’s itching to get finished…hee hee hee. ^-^

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Eee, eee, eee! Today is my first day of school for nursing! I haven’t really had a “first day of school” since 2006, or rather, first day of classes. I’m not counting the first day of my Midwifery II placement in 2007, because I wasn’t actually in class, per se.

Anyway. My class is at 12:30, and I’ll be done at 3:30. From there I’ll be going home to eat supper, give my husband a kiss, gather my stuff, and go to MMA and muay thai for 6:00. One of my work buddies is supposed to be coming tonight, so it’ll be fun wrestling with him. Or not…Joe is big into martial arts, and so perhaps he will kick my ass, though he did say that grappling is not his strong point. We will have to see!

Husband decided that he wants to start eating better, and so when I did groceries yesterday, I did so with the directive to get as much fruit and veg as I could stuff in the cart, plus some whole-wheat bread, Slim Quick powder, and lots of containers for his veggies so he can make ready-to-eat snacks. I am so proud of him!!! 🙂

I guess I ought to add some knitting-related stuff here…I just finished off a ball of Baruffa Cash Silk by making a Vine Lace Baby Hat and a pair of wee socks with the leftovers. I think I might have made some errors on it, because the lace spirals around the hat and doesn’t look much like the pictures, but I think it’s because I used a circular and my yarn-overs fell AFTER the marker, not BEFORE it. Either way, it still looks cute! I also started on a pair of socks for Jasmine for Christmas, using some Noro Kureyon Sock. The pattern I chose works really well with the self-striping (Bremen Muster), and though it’s a little vague (i.e. “add desired heel, foot and toe”), it is a European pattern in terms of sizing and so I am using the heel, foot and toe measurements that came with my Austermann Step pattern. The other destashing/Xmas project I have on the go is a pair of Newfoundland mitts for Daniella, using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and Noro Silk Garden. It is worthwhile to mention that these mitts will match the scarf I gave her for her birthday, because the Silk Garden is the same colorway as her scarf. (Same dyelot, too. I had 4 balls of the stuff at one point.)

Oh dear, it looks like my bebe girl Kali wants to go outside. I’d better bring her for her morning walk…

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Bloody hell. I am so sick of missing the Wollmeise updates on TLE! I swear to God, tonight I got home at 7:45, flicked on the computer, and checked for an update. Nothing. So, I decided to play some Minesweeper and check in when I got sick of it. 9 PM rolls around, and I check Rav because the Loopy Groupies group posts updates. And wouldn’t you know it…at 7:55 the WM went up!

*bangs head against the wall in frustration*

So, I have decided not to give a shit if I get any or not. Obviously it wasn’t meant to be if I keep missing these updates…

Sour grapes? I don’t know. I mean, sure, the colors look lovely. God only knows I have enough sock yarn. And right now, I can’t really justify spending $30 USD on a single skein, no matter how nice the yarn is. (There was someone on the group who scored SIX! Disposable income, much?) But, I do have to admit that I am curious to see what the hype is all about. If this wool sells out in under an hour whenever it gets posted up on TLE, does this speak more to how it is advertised, the fact that it is sold in limited numbers, or is it really just so awesome that my life would never be the same for having touched a skein of it? (And if it’s the latter, it better frigging cure cancer and have the ability to sweep my floor!)

Anyway. Gonna go have a bath, because I convinced the husband to come to my MMA class tonight, and we both got VERY sweaty!

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Oh, MAN. Three nights in a row at MMA and Muay Thai classes has left me uber-sore. I’m taking tonight off, but will probably go on Friday. I might drag the husbeast along too, so he can observe my butt-kicking. All in all, I am really enjoying the classes and the workout I get from it. Hopefully I can get Eric and other people interested too.

For the past three days, I have not been able to knit much because I’ve been so busy. Hopefully that will change a bit. I want to finish up Marc’s mittens, then FBB (Future Baby Bee)’s Koigu sweater, and Alys’s blanket before school starts. Hah, good luck…

Will be shopping with my mom today for scrubs, and then we are going to bingo. I’m excited!! 🙂

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