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The Dark Side

Ahahahaha…oh, my mom is so cute. This is a conversation we had on the phone last night:

Mom: So I forgot to tell you, I went over to the *Dark Side* today. (said in a half-menacing tone)

Me: Uh…what did you do?

Mom: …

Me: OH! I get it. You went to the yarn shop on Barry Downe, didn’t you?


(Just so y’all know, the Shop-that-must-not-be-named is renowned for its terrible customer service. It is, however, the only place for miles around that sells Briggs & Little “Tuffy”, a worsted weight yarn that mom and I are both highly particular for.)

This is just a quick jump into the blog-o-sphere to let everyone know I’m still alive, and that I am trying to be diligent on my knitting while going to school, MMA and work. It helps that we have a Stitch n Bitch group now in Sudbury, which formerly met at the Starbucks, but now we go to the Laughing Buddha on Mondays. ūüôā


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I’m not sure how many people follow celebrity deaths…I am just one of those morbid individuals, I suppose. Anyway.

Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday at age 57 after a long battle with cancer.¬†When I first heard he was terminally ill, my heart just sank in my chest – he was one of my favorite actors. I think¬†that my favorite movies with him were “Ghost”, “Donnie Darko” and “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”. Also, he kinda looked like my dad when he was younger, so I thought that was pretty cool.¬† I’m really sad to hear of his passing, and I hope his family will find comfort¬†and peace in knowing how much¬†he was loved and respected as an actor.¬†Rest in peace, Patrick.

It was good to get that off my chest.

I suppose I should add a twee bit of knitting-related stuff…well, I guess the biggest thing on my mind right now is that I cannot knit fast enough.¬†I haven’t really had much time either, what with school, work,¬†MMA classes and homework. Oh yes, and I need to see my husband once in a while, too! It’s damn near impossible these days, with our¬†weird work schedules.¬†However – some progress has been made. I managed to finish one of Jazz’s “bubble socks” (Bremen Muster) and am in the middle of the gusset on the other one. I’m also chugging away, slowly but surely, on Daniella’s Newfoundland mittens. Last night, I finished a wee baby hat out of Koigu left over from a lacy little sweater I did, so FBB (Future Baby Bee) will have a nice matching cap on¬† her (or his) fuzzy wee head. ūüôā

The thorn in my side is the freakin’ SRK On Your Toes multi that I got at Carousel/House of Yarn. I have made 3 baby hats (one was an 18-month size, for heaven’s sake!), and a pair of baby socks – and there is still something like 200 yards left! How the HELL is that even possible?! I know the original yardage was somewhere in the 300’s, but I would have thought it would take more than 100-odd yards for the items I mentioned, especially considering the size of needle used and the size of a couple of the hats. Probably would have just been better off making a¬† pair of socks out of it, but I bought it SPECIFICALLY for making baby items. Well, to hell with it – I decided to make a single sock, a little oddball, and that’ll hopefully kill it once and for all. If not – I have a sock yarn blanket that’s itching to get finished…hee hee hee. ^-^

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Bloody hell. I am so sick of missing the Wollmeise updates on TLE! I swear to God, tonight I got home at 7:45, flicked on the computer, and checked for an update. Nothing. So, I decided to play some Minesweeper and check in when I got sick of it. 9 PM rolls around, and I check Rav because the Loopy Groupies group posts updates. And wouldn’t you know it…at 7:55 the WM went up!

*bangs head against the wall in frustration*

So, I have decided not to give a shit if I get any or not. Obviously it wasn’t meant to be if I keep missing these updates…

Sour grapes? I don’t know. I mean, sure, the colors look lovely. God only knows I have enough sock yarn. And right now, I can’t really justify spending $30 USD on a single skein, no matter how¬†nice the yarn is.¬†(There was someone on the group who scored SIX! Disposable income, much?)¬†But, I do have to admit that I am curious to see what the hype is all about. If this wool sells out in under an hour whenever it gets posted up on TLE, does this speak more to how it is advertised, the fact that it is sold in limited numbers, or is it really just so awesome that my life would never be the same for having touched a skein of it? (And if it’s the latter, it better frigging cure cancer and have the ability to sweep my floor!)

Anyway. Gonna go have a bath, because I convinced the husband to come to my MMA class tonight, and we both got VERY sweaty!

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Oh, MAN. Three nights in a row at MMA and Muay Thai classes has left me uber-sore. I’m taking tonight off, but will probably go on Friday. I might drag the husbeast along too, so he can observe my butt-kicking. All in all, I am really enjoying the classes and the workout I get from it. Hopefully I can get Eric and other people interested too.

For the past three days, I have not been able to knit much because I’ve been so busy. Hopefully that will change a bit. I want to finish up Marc’s mittens, then FBB (Future Baby Bee)’s Koigu sweater, and Alys’s blanket before school starts. Hah, good luck…

Will be shopping with my mom today for scrubs, and then we are going to bingo. I’m excited!! ūüôā

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Hah. Summer has turned out to be a big honking joke this year. It has rained at least twice every week for the last few months. The really nice, hot, sunny days have been few and far between. I can only hope that now that I’m off work until September, I can at least get in a few days at the beach – provided, of course, that it doesn’t piss rain.

And now, onto the Knitting Update O’Doom!

I haven’t actually gotten a chance to knit very much in the past few weeks – gasp! It’s not that I haven’t wanted to (and on some very stressful days, I would have KILLED to have some sticks and string in my hands), I just haven’t had TIME. Let’s see…last week I worked 5 shifts in a row, had 3 days off (more like 2 1/2 because I work nights and you lose half a day on the first day off), then did 2 more. The week before that, it was 4 in a row. I’ve also been frantically trying to finish my Chemistry correspondence course, and just sent off the work for the final unit last night at 9:30 PM. Considering that I need to send in my marks to the college by the end of this month, I’m cutting it very fine, but I also managed to finish the entire course in just under four months, which was a huge achievement for me.

I have manged to make a few things, though. Mostly baby things – they’re tiny and easy to whip up in a few days (or hours, depending on the object). I’ve made¬†a couple of socks and hats in SRK On Your Toes, and most of a sweet lacy cardi using the King Cole Anti-Tickle Merino I bought in a destash sale. Speaking of the destashing, my STASHDOWN! project is kind of going slowly at the moment, and it doesn’t help that I actually bought 2 more skeins of wool…bad Ana! One of them was actually from a contest I was a runner-up in, where I designed¬†a colorway I named “Jessica” after my best friend in lime green, cerulean blue, rust brown and hot fuschia. The proceeds from the sale of the yarn went to help fund IVF for the dyer’s friend, a cause which I¬†was all too happy to give to. The other skein was of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool, which smelled too good to pass up. (I love, love, LOVE wools that smell of sheep grease!) So a bit of a backslide there, but on the up side, it wasn’t a huge one.

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My inspiration

Was on Ravelry earlier today and saw a post about mother-daughter lookalikes. I was inspired to write about my knitting inspiration Рmy mother, whom everyone says looks like she could be my sister.

When my mom was in her teens, she¬†wanted to learn how to knit, and¬†she went to her own mother, who didn’t know how. So mom decided to ask one of her neighbours, an elderly lady who taught her both picking AND throwing (she tends towards picking to this day). Mom used to go to the Value Village and Salvation Army to find old sweaters for $1 or less, and would unravel them and make new sweaters out of them.

Growing up, I didn’t understand why my mom took so much time to knit things, nice as they were¬†when she could just buy them. As a young child, I didn’t see the poverty that swallowed our family, and so could not appreciate the value of handmade clothes. I was so upset one Christmas when my brothers and I received matching scratchy handmade sweaters and little else – how I regret my childish tantrums over having to wear them now.

Eventually, curiosity got the best of me and I asked her to teach me how to knit. Mom decided it would be best to show me how to throw rather than how to pick. My little hands were slow to learn, but in time I got the hang of it and mastered garter stitch. She eventually taught me how to purl, cast off, and many other simple skills. When she saw me struggle with remembering how to do a purl stitch, she let me figure it out for myself until slowly, painstakingly, I got it. Mom always knew that once she showed me the ropes, I’d come to love it as much as she did.

I have so many memories of her knitting, like how she would knit at the beach, and one day a seagull crapped all over the baby afghan she was knitting for my cousin. Or, when my Girl Guides troop was making knitted squares to sew into quilts for a local woman’s shelter and I was asked who taught me, I proudly announced “My mommy!” and pointed across the room, where she was immersed in teaching another girl the basics – she was just starting out as¬†a troop leader. I can see her sitting on her easy chair in the living room, with our dog Sonny at her feet and the sage-green afghan she made for herself draped over her lap.

My mother’s love for me and for the craft she taught me to love were blended together when it came time for my wedding shower last April. Mom knitted well over 100 cotton dishcloths for guests to take as shower favors, and I remember her making at least one per day during the months leading up to it. I offered to make some too, but she insisted on doing them herself. That’s just mom’s way, though. ūüôā

My mom and I don’t talk very often due to our busy schedules, and heaven only knows our relationship has been a stormy one from the beginning due to our very similar personalities grating and sparking off each other. But no matter what we say or do, we both know how much we love each other – we are spun from the same stuff, after all!

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Oh man, last-minute baby shower gifts are a new breed of hell. Nah, I jest – I adore making tiny things for tiny people. However, I haven’t much time to finish anything large and lovely (i.e. numerous baby sweaters or a blanket) so I am settling for a pair of Saartje’s Booties, a set of bebe mitts, and a wee hat. Krissy’s baby shower is June 8th, so I have plenty of time.

Once the tiny people things are out of the way, I have to focus on a somewhat larger small person – my almost-2-year-old niece Dalayna, for whom I am making a Rainbow Dress. She’s blonde,¬†chubby-cheeked and overall the cutest kid ever, so I think it’ll look perfect on her. ^-^

Progress on the Husband Anniversary Sweater is fantastic, given the circumstances – our anniversary is in August and I have about 4 inches of the 2nd sleeve completed thus far. I work 4-on, 4-off night shifts so it shouldn’t take me too long to complete if I do a few inches every night.

And that’s my contribution to the blogosphere for a wee while. Peace!

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