So close!


34 weeks + 3 days…oh my everloving goodness. This baby girl will be here before we know it!

I wish I had the time to knit her some more things…I’m not entirely sure I will be able to finish her blankie on time. But, now that I have gone off work, I may just have a few hours to try!


Xmastime is heeeeeere..

This year, I have decided not to knit people things for Xmas. Gasp!

I think it is only reasonable. After all, I spent a lot of time the last 6 months growing another human being inside of me, which made me too nauseous and tired to knit in my first trimester, and too inclined to make cute things up until this point. So rather than feel guilty for not making people their super-fabulous warm woolie things, this year I shall be buying gifts. Wheeeee.

I can’t tell if that will be more expensive or not, seeing as I don’t use the cheap stuff for my Xmas gifts. Regardless, I think that people should still appreciate that I am giving them something from the heart, no matter how much I’ve spent on them. ‘Tis all about the giving, not the getting.

Exams are almost upon us…I only have two this semester, thank goodness. Once they’re over with, Eric and I are going to decorate the house for Xmas, as well as start cleaning out Lucie’s room so we can paint it. 🙂 We will also be moving the bedroom back upstairs. It was nice having the bedroom in the basement during the summer, because it was hot as balls upstairs (and honestly, being pregnant in the middle of a heat wave was NOT FUN). But now that I’m creeping towards my third trimester, lumbering upstairs in the middle of the night to pee is definitely not something I enjoy doing.


I am currently watching a presentation on spinal fracture being given by my classmates. It’s not precisely boring – they’re giving out chocolate! – but I just can’t focus today. 

Of course, what I’d really rather be doing is working on Lucie’s latest sweater. What I’ll actually be doing once class is over is skipping my next class to go and work on papers due next Monday. Oh, and one that’s due the Monday after that. Wonder how much I can do in 3 hours? Hopefully enough that I can finish one and get the other at least halfway done…I’m not too keen on working on the one due the 21st, since it’s worth 50% of my mark. There’s just too many barriers in the way right now.

I went to visit my mom yesterday. I brought a sweater I was working on for my little one. Oh, I guess I ought to mention before I go any further – it’s a girl, and we’re naming her Lucie. 🙂 To continue – I was making this cute little sweater (Puerperium – free on Ravelry) out of a lovely soft pink alpaca (timiQuipa sport-weight alpaca) and mom decided she was going to work on a blanket she is making for my sweet baby. Mom had me pick out the pattern from the Mary Maxim catalogue when I was first pregnant. It is so cute – mint green with a lacy border that is knitted separately and sewn on.

It was so nice to sit and knit with mom. We had tea, poked fun at my dad as he tried to hide from the crazy knitting ladies, and played with the new yarn I bought to make MORE cute things for Lucie. Hopefully someday, mom and I can sit and knit with my little girl as we teach her her first stitches…

Aaaaah. 19 weeks + 4 days. I’m almost halfway there!

The good news is, I’ve managed to finish not one but TWO little sweaters for my little bambino. I made the Leaf-Border Hoodie by Kristen Rengren in Malabrigo Sock (Impressionist Sky), and the Bitty Bump by Gina Bonomo in Malabrigo Aquarella (Cardona). I find it kind of funny that all of my baby-related projects are in some form of Malabrigo yarn – at least, the FO’s are.

I really need to work on my Mommy Snug and my Bump Sweater, especially since I’ve been getting a “bitty bump” of my own! My belly doesn’t quite stick out as far as my boobs do (yet), but with the fall upon us, it’d be nice to have something warm to cover my growing belly.

Looking forward to my ultrasound this Saturday…hopefully they will be able to tell us if it is a boy ninja or a girl ninja. 🙂

Because all you are doing is fucking yourself.

*rimshot noise*

I am currently between classes. I had the best intentions of doing my drug cards on the break, but since our break is only 1 hour, I decided to blog instead. Yay!

I am now 16 weeks+1 day, and Little Ninja is starting to make their first shrimps and backrolls. (x-posted to my girljitsu blog) On the knitting-for-bebe front, I managed to finish the hood for his/her sweater. 🙂

Wanted: Mojo!

I’m hoping that, as I ease on into the second trimester, that my knitting mojo will soon return and I can make some cute stuff for my wee one.

As it is, I can barely bring myself to make anything these days. At first, the nausea was so bad that even sitting in my husband’s comfy chair with my knitting on my lap was awful. I would knit a few stitches, turn green, and have to put it down again. Now, as the nausea is slowly ebbing away, I’m starting to get my energy back. But all is not yet peaches and cream…I get little bursts of energy which are better spent on say, walking the dogs or cleaning the house. Noble, yes, but not always fun.

I have a few days off coming up, so I would really like to get back to the making of stuff. I have a pair of mittens for my SIL on the go, which I would like to finish soon. Then I will finish the sleeve on Little Ninja’s sweater. I am torn about whether to work on baby things or Xmas gifts. DH solved this dilemna by asking, “Which is first, Xmas or your due date?” When I replied “Xmas”, he said, “Well, there’s your answer, champ!” Heh. ^-^

Right. Blogging about doing stuff isn’t productive in the slightest. I think I might go and try to finish that blessed mitten after all…